Just a quick announcement about the Virtual Expats Podcast and YouTube channel. Both of these projects are going to work together to make up the Virtual Expats PodTube.

What's a ​PodTube? ​It's a project that has a podcast and a YouTube channel with a common theme. PODcast + YouTUBE = PodTube.

What this means:

-The expat guest interviews will be on the Podcast ONLY

-The connections episodes from last season will be on the YouTube channel ONLY

And never the two shall meet.

I would appreciate it if you would take this quick 2 minute Listener Survey.

Tentative 2019 Schedule:

January, February: hiatus: no content on either channel

March: Virtual Expats mini season of at least 4 guest expat interviews on the podcast AND some connections videos on the YouTube channel

April, May, June: hiatus

July to December

-TBD but most likely repeat the above schedule

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Where to find Virtual Expat Podcast: Virtual Expats Podcast website,  YouTube Channel, subscribe on : iOS , Android devices, RSS, and our email list: for weekly podcasting updates

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Music courtesy of Damon Castillo, https://www.damoncastillo.com/ , song "I Hope You Figured It Out" on the "Mess of Me" album

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