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Ep 67: Alison Maciejewski: An American Expat With Food, Technology & Microfinance Exploring Tendencies

December 13th, 2018

THIS WEEK Alison Maciejewski makes us think long and hard about food photos on social media, wanderlust articles that try to tackle culture and the linguistic barriers of the Internet. But the conversation is not all serious, we have some fun comparing emoji options on Line (in Thailand) and WeChat (in China), what and where “ugly delicious food” is, and how using teen dramas are a good way to learn the Thai language. If you listen to the Expat Rewind Podcast you may remember Alison from earlier this season. We welcome her over to the Virtual (Expat) side of our projects and know you are going to appreciate her input on the pondering we do about our geographic and virtual selves in these conversations.

Items mentioned in this episode:

- Alison’s Instagram  and personal blog

- Alison’s Expat Rewind Podcast episode from earlier this season

- WeAreXpats Twitter rocur account

- Alison’s Irish Travelers blog post

- Pantip, popular Thai forum

- Fried cheese in Prague

- Alison’s friend who does Muay Thai, Emma’s blog, Under the Ropes

- Kickstarter Duo laptop additional screen

- Food Chain Podcast episode on Kelis, singer of the “Milkshake” song

-Bangkok Podcast

- Internet by language

- Podcast about China by Chinese women: Wǒ men Podcast

- “Remembering Shanghai” by Isabel Sun Chao and Claire Chao. The book I mentioned with pinyin for Mandarin Chinese words BUT few hanzi Chinese characters.

Chef Bee, Thailand

-Thai alphabet,

- Learn Thai With Mod

-Hormones, Thai soap opera

- BKK Fatty website and YouTube channel

- Newspaper “technology is making us anti-social” photo

-Books in Shanghai book club

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