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Ep 63: Sowmya: Data Scientist & Computational Linguist

October 7th, 2018

Sowmya Vajjala is a Data Scientist, a Computational Linguist and one of the most intelligent and down to earth people you will ever meet. She is from India, lived in Germany for her PhD program and then taught at Iowa State University in the U.S., which is where I met her. She has since moved to Toronto, Canada, where she was during this conversation. Personally, she has impacted my life in ways I am only beginning to understand. But that is all explained in the podcast itself. Her perspective on if living in different countries impacts people’s online experiences is very different than what we have heard so far in this podcast. This honest, matter of fact approach to the messiness of online life as it currently exists is, frankly, refreshing. I think you are going to appreciate this very different point of view on social media, geographical movement and why we do what we do online.

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