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Ep 40: Over There Podcast (published July 30,2017)

July 28th, 2018

It’s time to reminisce about a trip to the other side of the Pacific Ocean, circa Taitung, Taiwan 2004 AND a get view of immigration INTO developed countries via the multi-talented Malaysian Gamer, Performance Artist and all around bad ass, Creatrix Tiara.



14:00 Taiwan blog reading, "Me in Taiwan", February 19, 2004

31:38 OVER THEREness SEGMENT: multi-faceted artist Creatrix Tiara

Thanks to Rosie Clark,, for the lead on Creatrix Tiara’s brilliance!

Creatrix’s website:

The immigration game article:

9/15/2018 correction: the name of the game is "What the (expletives) Do I Need Now". Thank you to Creatrix Tiara for this clarification.

The game itself:

Her “Shit People Say to Migrants” video:

Her YouTube channel:

Her Twitter account:

Her Github account:


QUESTION of the EPISODE: What issues did your local friends have when they tried to visit OR move to your passport country?


What is the Over There podcast doing?

We are exploring expressions of life overseas, wherever that may be. What are these lives like, where are people living overseas, what are they experiencing while living there-both internally AND externally? Even more so, how and where are we sharing our experiences-both on and offline, although there is a digital sharing bias cause I am a tech lover at heart.


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